I want to let you in on a little secret: that idea you keep thinking about, that dream you fantasize about, that change you want to make, that goal you think you could never possibly fulfill? It’s possible.

I repeat: it’s possible.

Rebecca wanted a better job, and she aspired to pull the trigger on long-hoped-for changes in her life. More than anything, Rebecca dreamed of hosting her own podcast. Like many of us, she was stuck in the pattern of preparing to be ready and waiting for the right time.

“I just need a better education,” she’d tell herself. “What I need is more research,” she’d think. Rebecca got stuck in the sand trap of thinking she wasn’t ready now, but for sure she’d be ready “tomorrow.”

Does that sound familiar to you? I have a feeling it probably does. Most of us have experienced that at some time or other.

When that happens, it’s not our fault. It’s a mechanism that happens underneath the level of our conscious awareness. Even though we don’t recognize it as it’s happening, the primal part of our brain thinks we need to stay right where we are to stay safe. It thinks change is dangerous.

Since we don’t know that’s happening, we’re just doing our thing: we concoct plans for the future; we take action to try and get where we want to be. We’re just minding our business, trying to breathe life into our ideas, dreams and goals.

Unfortunately, we don’t realize that we’re unconsciously working against ourselves. When Rebecca came to me, she was in that exact place. She’d been trying everything she could to get going, but just couldn’t. What actions she was taking were simply the wrong actions. When we started working together and she was finally doing the right actions is when everything started to change. There was less thinking and more doing. Less getting in her own way and more getting things done.

It’s super inspiring to see what happens when a person gets out of their own way.

To see how Rebecca’s story turned out, check out her video:

What would your life look like if you were taking the right actions? What would those right actions be and what can you do to start taking them? Watch Rebecca’s story to see how she was able to change her “WHAT IF?” into “WHAT IS,” and learn how you can make the same change in your life.

See you there,

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