Gripped by perfectionism? PBS and I can help.

If you’ve ever felt gripped by the drive to be perfect, and you came up short (Hello?! Can you say “the human condition”?) Then you’re in luck, because PBS and I have created this episode just for you.

Are You Saying Yes or No to Life?

When something bad happens in our lives, we are tempted to shut down. Sometimes it’s necessary for our survival; we shut out the world to protect ourselves. However, it’s important to realize we can’t heal, learn, or grow saying “No” to life.

Do You Encourage Others to Play Big or Small?

Sometimes we dumb ourselves down or act “small” so someone else can feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, that way of acting doesn’t serve anyone. What does? This post & video discuss.

What Makes a True Friend?

Having a good friend can be better than having a nice car, a big house, or a few million dollars (Ok. I wouldn’t mind few a million bucks, but you get the point.) That begs the question: what makes a true friend? Today’s video will answer that question. Sometimes...

How to Break the Monotony of an OK Life

It happens to the best of us: one day, we look around and can barely recognize the life that we’re living. What can we do when life gets too monotonous to bear? Here are some answers.

The Counterintuitive Secret to Making Relationships Work

Ask a dozen relationship experts to reveal the key to healthy relationships that work, and you’ll likely get a dozen different answers. For laughs, I just Googled the question and came up with 30,700,000 results – they range from “listen better,” to "communicate...

Are You Overwhelmed?

Does overwhelm get you in its grips from time to time? Does it rear its head at the worst possible moments? If that’s the case, don’t worry; this video can give you some new insight on the issue.

HuffPost Article: Build Resilience

I’m honored to be a co-contributor to a new article on HuffPost which explains how to build resilience. Check it out if you’d like to develop your own ability to be happy, self-confident, and powerful, no matter what comes your way.

Are You Checked Out?

Are you checked out? If so, practice being present. It will alter the quality of your life and make an immeasurable difference for those around you.

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