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What is Break Free Formula?

Because so many of you have been asking me for this, I’ve compiled my life’s work into a comprehensive coaching program called Break Free Formula.

Break Free Formula is the same educational framework I created that’s been profiled by Forbes, Huffington Post, and PBS, and now for the first time ever, it’s becoming available to the public.

Break Free Formula is a complete blueprint that liberates you from the things that are holding you back in life and keeping you stuck. You’ll finally learn how to stop surviving and start thriving. Best of all, you’ll become the architect of your life so you can design and live the life of your dreams.

Until now, the only people who got access to Break Free Formula were high-powered execs, successful entrepreneurs, and A-List Hollywood actors who shell out $45,000 and spend an entire year working one-to-one with my team and me.

But I’ve wanted to get the education out to more people, so I found a way to deliver the same exact coaching in a way that scales so anybody can take it.

Are you ready to break free?

Break Free Formula is open by application only. To begin the application process, click here:

What Results Do People Experience?

Here’s how and why I created
Break Free Formula.

As a teenager, I was abducted and held captive by two criminals.

When they finally left me for dead, the real fight for my life began. Afterward, on my journey back to ‘normal’, I found myself stuck; I felt imprisoned by my mind and trapped by what had happened … despite the fact that I desperately wanted to create a new life for myself and leave the past behind.

Even though I was free, I felt more captive than ever.

Now before you think, “Wait. What does this have to do with me? I’ve never been abducted and I likely never will,” here’s what I’ve learned: captivity is part of the human condition. We have all been held captive to something. We all experience circumstances that get us stuck and keep us from living the lives we want to live.

What about you? Where are you captive? Here’s what I mean: do you ever self-sabotage? Do you ever say you want one thing, yet somehow find yourself doing something else?

Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end relationship or job. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for far too long to pull the trigger on writing that book. Maybe you want to finally get in shape, but you’ve been unable to for whatever reason.

Sure, we’ve progressed since caveman days – I mean, we have Netflix and the Roomba – but we’re still at the mercy of our primitive Survival Brain, which has the ability to hijack the thinking part of the brain.

When that happens, we become imprisoned by our mind and at war with our own nature – in other words: we become captive.

Break Free Formula works
in four simple steps.

The first thing that’s important to know is that FREE is an acronym which stands for:









Step 1 is FIND.

Find Where You're Captive - Break Free Formula

In FIND, we find where you’re captive – that is to say, we uncover the nature and extent of your captivity and make it conscious. We root out all the places, situations, circumstances and even people that have gotten you stuck in the past – or that get you stuck today – and we get to the source of why that happens. Once we’ve done that, we can move on to re-wiring your brain to stop doing that … which happens in Step 2: REWIRE. But first, back to Step 1: FIND.

On my own journey, as I looked around, I saw I wasn’t alone in being stuck. Each of us faces circumstances we would never have chosen for ourselves. When that happens, we can just as easily become captive to our past as well. Somewhere in the mix, our ‘Survival Brain’ steps in to protect us, and that’s where it all goes haywire. We can end up unwittingly at war with our own nature, and wonder why we can’t seem to get it together.

It’s not our fault. It’s a design flaw in the way we’re put together. What was intended to protect us ends up shutting us down and keeping us small, safe and unfortunately – unfulfilled.

I knew there had to be a better way – so I created one. I became fascinated with the study of freedom and made it my life’s work to understand how some people recover from adversity while others never do. I worked with Holocaust survivors, 911 First-Responders, and war vets, then I charted my own course to freedom and left breadcrumbs along the way. In the process, I created Break Free Formula.

Now we can dig into Step 2: RE-WIRE.

Rewire Your Brain - Break Free Formula

This step is about REWIRING YOUR BRAIN. Here, we get to the source of where your Survival Brain got triggered and you first became imprisoned, then we ‘re-wire it’, so you can move into your Thinking Brain and take back your life.

What would be possible for you if your mind’s default setting was no longer about surviving or overcoming all the junk that happened in the past? What would your life look like if you could change your default setting to one that was consciously created and hardwired for success (or whatever you wanted it hardwired for)?

Now we move on to Step 3: ENVISION.

Envision Life By Design - Break Free Formula

In ENVISION, we envision your life by design. I’m not talking about a life that’s probable, predictable, or as good as you can expect under the circumstances – heck no! That’s what life by default looks like. In ENVISION, you create a life that you design like an artist holding the paintbrush to the canvas of your own life.

The good news is, formulating a step-by-step plan for your life creates certainty, stability and structure: which is exactly what your Survival Brain longs for. So guess what? Your Survival Brain stops taking the wheel.

One of the fundamental aspects of ENVISION is to discover the deepest contribution you want to make with your life, so that your life is a profoundly fulfilling one which makes a difference for you and everyone you choose to impact. After all, what good is financial or material success without a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction that can only come from making the world a better place in the way only you can do.

Finally, we move on to Step 4: EXECUTE.

Execute Your Plan - Break Free Formula

Sure, we all want a life we love – and with a few simple tools and the right coaching, anyone can design one. But if you’re not living that life you’ve designed, what’s the point? In EXECUTE, you learn how to do just that. You put your plan into action, so you’re not just designing a life you love; you’re designing one you actually live. And that’s where things really get exciting!

If you’ve been longing to make some changes in your life and finally have them stick, then Break Free Formula is for you. I’ve taken all my best stuff from the past two decades of coaching, and I’ve put it into Break Free Formula, so you can easily execute it.

Are you ready to take advantage of the results that Break Free Formula offers in your own life?

Break Free Formula is open by application only. To begin the application process, click here:

My proprietary approach comes from the first-hand experience, and I can tell you it works. I was my first case study, but I’ve also coached and led programs to a quarter million people over the past twenty years.

My life has been a uniquely powerful laboratory in how to break free from captivity, and I can help you, too. You do not have to stay stuck, imprisoned by your mind and at war with yourself. You can unleash your greatness. I can help.

PBS even did a feature story on Break Free Formula. You can watch it right here:

Here are some examples of people like you who have unleashed their greatness:

Break Free Formula is open by application only.

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