When “business as usual” won’t get it done

Has it hit you recently that your time on this earth is finite and that the road you’re traveling—while it may be good—is not going to get you what you long for most?

From other people’s perspective, you’ve got it made. You’ve done well for yourself; you’ve worked hard, and you’ve gotten the things most people think makes a person a success. That would be enough for most people.

But you are not most people.

Perhaps you felt a calling when you were young. Perhaps you felt that calling repeatedly throughout your life. Perhaps you put that calling on hold because you had things to handle—important things, pressing things, like raising a family or building a business or earning the money to finance it all.

That’s understandable.

Except now you realize that you only have a certain amount of time left. Now you’re present to the fact that there’s less of a road ahead than the road you’ve already taken, and you can’t afford to waste a single, solitary second of that precious road to come.

Now it’s time for Act Two of your life.

Now it’s time to focus on the quality of life; now it’s time to fulfill your biggest visions—the ones that have been nagging at you your entire life—and now it’s time to build the legacy you know you were put here to leave behind.

It’s a different world today. Changes, challenges, stressors, and disruptions are coming at us at an ever-increasing pace. To succeed in today’s world requires a level of resilience that was never before required. Resilience provides you with the capacity to bounce back with velocity in the face of the everyday turbulence of life. Fortunately, resilience is not something that you’re either born with or you’re not; resilience is a skill that you can develop and use to your advantage, and it can provide you with the buoyancy to come back from each seeming setback stronger than you ever were before.

As an executive or entrepreneur, you face a unique set of challenges. You’re not only accountable for your own performance, but for the performance of those around you – whether you’re in direct contact with them or not.

You’re in a race to match the cadence of other leaders or the competition, while simultaneously being called upon to achieve ever-escalating targets that must happen in ever-decreasing time frames, you can’t afford to misstep or be off your game.

You must be your most resilient, and inspire others to be the same.

My high-performance coaching is designed to dramatically shorten the time-frame required to accomplish your chief commitments, as well as causing unparalleled results.

“Working with Cheryl hunter has transformed my business and doubled my income.”

Tammie Dubrie

Children's Fitness Franchise Holder, New York City

Now it’s your turn. Now it’s your time. Fulfilling your destiny truly is a now or never proposition. Let’s hop on the phone to discuss how I can help.