Does it ever bum you out to go onto social media and see how perfect everyone else’s life looks? I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like every time I log on, everyone I see has just landed a killer promotion, had a whirlwind romance, and come back from a jet-setting vacation … all while showing off their six-pack abs, no less.

Usually I’m really happy for them. Unless it’s been one of those days, in which case, it all makes me want to crawl back into bed.

It can be easy to get down on yourself and hard to remember that we live in an era of retouched-selfies (and all that entails) and that anything different from what we have right now can seem perfect – from the outside, at least.

A few short weeks back, Harvard Business Review addressed the impossible goal known as perfectionism. They wrote, “Those who become preoccupied with it inevitably set themselves up for failure and psychological turmoil. They ruminate chronically about their imperfections, brood over what could have been or should have been, and experience considerable anxiety and even shame and guilt about their perceived inadequacies and unworthiness.”

It sounds like one big freaking headache to me. How about you? Could you use a perspective shift?

If so, you’re in luck. I’m super excited to share this with you. I recently shot several episodes for a long-standing PBS series called American Health Journal. This is the first of those episodes to air, and it’s called “No One’s Perfect.” If you’ve ever felt gripped by the drive to be perfect, and you came up short (Hello?! Can you say “the human condition”?) Then you’re in luck, because PBS and I created this episode just for you.

Just click PLAY on the video below to watch.

Once you watch the episode, I’d love to hear from you. What steps can you take to give up perfectionism? Do you agree that “done” is better than “perfect”? What other insights do you have from watching the episode? Let me know using the comments box below. I’d love to hear from you.

And just remember, in case you’ve forgotten, your imperfections are what makes you perfect.


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