Have you ever wondered if you need to get out of your own way?

Evelyn was in her own way, but no one had to tell her; she already knew. She was allocating virtually every hour of every day to her business — period, end of story.

The precious few hours per day that she wasn’t at her ice cream shop, she was at home sleeping. When she wasn’t sleeping, she was working. Her life was the epitome of Groundhog Day: work, sleep, repeat.

By the time she hopped on the phone with us, Evelyn’s dream career had turned into a nightmare, and instead of celebrating the success of her business, she was suffering.

What Evelyn learned in working together is that you can have your cake (or in her case, ice cream cake) and eat it too. The missing ingredient (though much easier said than done) was knowing the right steps to take to stop burnout and start creating balance.

Nobody would disagree the drive to give your all to your passion project, business, or life’s work. It makes sense, right? Do the work, get the results… but, at what point does it become too much? At what point does someone begin giving too much of themselves to passion projects, work or other people’s agendas and not enough of themselves to living, loving and cherishing their own life, family and friends?

These days, it’s totally common not to have balance. So many of us (too many of us) get stuck living to work instead of working to live. What about you? Where in your life do you need balance and don’t think you can achieve it?

To see how Evelyn did it, check out this video:

For a woman who was convinced work-life balance was a myth, she has certainly come a long way. Watch her story and get inspired by the knowledge that it is possible to turn life around… even if it seems impossible!

To Your Success,


PS: If you’ve been feeling like your life has a Groundhog Day feel to it, and you’re ready to create the balance that you want, it’s time that we talk. Click here to book your free Breakthrough Session.

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