Do you ever feel like you’re putting in more and more hours and working harder and harder, yet you feel like you’re falling short of what you’re truly supposed to be doing with your one precious life?

Maybe the harder you push yourself the more confused you become about what you actually want?

Every day I speak with people who are going through the motions. They’re comfortably uncomfortable. They’d rather continue on as they have been instead of taking the chance and risking trying something new — even if they know that something new would make them happier.

Sometimes they want to live their passion… but they don’t even know what their passion is or how to find it.

Other times they’re clear what their passion is, but they just aren’t quite sure how to fulfill it.

There are other times when a person already has everything they always thought they wanted… and yet, something seems to be missing.

Which one of those rings most true to you?

Do you feel like you were born to fulfill some mighty purpose that isn’t getting fulfilled right now… even if you’re not sure yet what that mighty purpose even is? When Juliet and I first spoke, that’s how she felt. She had what everyone considered to be a great career. She had a life that other people envied. The only problem was, Juliet wasn’t happy. She didn’t admit that for a long time; she didn’t want to seem ungrateful. One day too many she pulled over on the side of the road on her way to work – she had to throw up as she often did, because the thought of going back to that office made her physically ill.

Juliet knew something had to change. That’s when she and I started working together. She had no idea where to start… she simply knew she couldn’t continue.

Check out Juliet’s story and see what she did to turn her life around and live her passion.

If you’ve ever thought that living a passionate life was reserved only for those in novels or movies, think again. If it’s possible for one of us, it’s possible for us all. When you’re ready to do the same, it’s time we speak. Click here and book your free Breakthrough Session and let’s get this party started. Come on. It’s your turn.


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