Ben began his career in the corporate world, completing his studies in Accounting and practicing as a Qualified Management Accountant for companies such as Vodafone, BMW, and the Defence Estate.His love of exercise and wellness led him to transition into the health & fitness sector, managing and consulting for Franchise Owners of Anytime Fitness Gyms across the UK. Since witnessing first hand 100s of transformative journeys with people reclaiming their health, he decided to become a business and franchise owner himself.

As a consultant, Ben was also instrumental in contributing ideas and strategies for what became the fastest growing Lead Generation Company in the United Kingdom.In joining Cheryl’s team, he brings with him a wealth of experience in business consulting, understanding what methodologies help to drive client acquisition and build solid foundations for sustained growth in an ever increasing competitive landscape.

When he’s not working or exercising, you’ll probably find him writing, playing and performing his own songs to anyone that will listen.

Ben Bozzoni

Strategy Coach


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