Doris Scott is a high-energy executive and strategy coach who applies her 20 years of training experience to coaching and developing individuals to be effective leaders in their businesses and in their lives. Her professional background gives her the ability to listen and interact effectively with people. She applies a very “hands on” approach to coaching each person with a singular focus on their success.  Doris is known for her ability to deeply connect with people, creating an environment for rapid learning and development.

Doris has been certified as a leader for seminars training people in dealing with issues such as personal effectiveness and performance, community leadership and responsibility, relationships and communication and organizational effectiveness and excellence. She has also developed and trained pieces of the leadership curriculum herself.

Doris has also supported participants in creating over 400 socially committed projects and initiatives in the participants’ own communities. These projects prepared certain leaders for future roles in leadership in their communities.

Doris understands the value of a skilled coach, since, with no previous experience in running marathons or fundraising she completed a full marathon plus two half marathons while fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. Doris is a mother of two amazing sons and has an extraordinary husband.

Doris Scott

Strategy Coach

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