Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter is Director of Operations and a coaching team member with The Hunter Group. Although she’s grateful for her formal training as a coach, Julie feels her 20 years of experience working in business equally prepared her for a career in coaching. Julie’s entrée into the business world began with a decade at Sony Music in the New York City headquarters. Julie steadily rose through the ranks, honing on-the-court skills in management, leadership development, and team facilitation, and she became known organization-wide for coalescing disparate individuals and teams to collaborate and reliably bring multi-pronged initiatives to fruition.

Eventually, Julie left the corporate world to follow her passion of becoming a restaurateur. She succeeded, and she and her award-winning restaurant spent a decade earning accolades in The New York Times, Bon Appétit, The Food Network and more. She attributes this success to her ability to bring forth excellence in her staff, empower people to focus in high-pressure situations, and develop stakeholders.

Concurrently, Julie was a passionate triathlete. After a debilitating car accident left her unable to compete, Julie began channeling her passion for the sport into training high-performance athletes on how to get the best out of themselves upon demand over time. Suddenly, a light bulb went off for Julie; she realized that her true passion is—and always had been—empowering others to rise above challenges, fulfill the unpredictable, and meet change head-on.

Today, Julie brings all of her experience to bear as a coach; she inspires high-potential individuals to become solid leaders, and guides senior leaders and team members to operate with transparency and integrity in a way that allows them to unlock opportunities, achieve new results, and gracefully produce desired changes.

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