Kay Hight joined the team in 2020 as the Office Manager, coming from a vast background in music and entertainment. As the Assistant Artistic Director for the Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus, she has spent the last decade working with people from all walks of life and is committed to making the world a better place using the talents and skills she has accumulated throughout her career.

Kay began playing piano at the age of 5 and moved to professional levels at age 16 – working with choirs, recording artists, and live orchestras all over the West Coast. She has trained with various concert pianists, including several years with Dr. Aileen James (DMA, Stanford University) and specialty work through the Gold Country Piano Institute with the Polish icon Pawel Skrzypek (Warsaw Music Academy). She went on to attend the American Musical and Dramatics Academy with a specialization in Musical Theatre Performance, and then returned back to her native Northern California roots to help grow the artistic community in the Sacramento region and be closer to her family. In addition to her nine seasons with SGMC as the AAD and Principal Accompanist, Kay also performs with various groups across the region and has thrice been awarded a SARTA Elly Award for her work in local theatre programs.

Her unique blend of nonprofit and for-profit work has trained her to have an open heart with every interaction, and her management, marketing, and administrative skills garnered her a diverse daytime resume in the construction industry, water conservation and hydraulic engineering, client profiling, and market analytics. She prides herself on her genuine and straight-forward communication style, and has also received special certification in Client Focus & Orientation (HR Technology) along with several Business Administration and Management credits from American River College.

When she’s not busy with work, music, or theatre, Kay enjoys playing with her rescue dog, Gandalf, indoor rock-climbing with her partner, Alex, baking delicious treats, and gaming with her buddies online.

Kay Hight

Office Manager

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