Megan Haskins

Megan Haskins  is proud to be the newest member of the team, coming on board in 2019 as the Office Manager. She is committed to making the world a better place using the talents and skills she has accumulated through her non-profit work. Megan firmly believes that she can be a catalyst for change through her positive attitude and willingness to serve others.

Megan studied Marketing and Business Administration at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Before finding her home with the Hunter Group, Megan worked with the Museum of Science & Industry, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, and with several global leaders in the student housing industry. Her unique blend of both non-proift and for-profit work have trained her to have a servant’s heart with every interaction. She prides herself on her timely, genuine and warm communication style as well as her ability to provide relevant data to power any business decision.

Currently, Megan lives in Florida with her loving family and two dogs – Loofah and Pepper Potts. She enjoys reading historical non-fiction books, traveling to new places, cooking Pinterest-worthy meals, and spending time with her family. She thrives on meeting new people, creating real change in people’s lives, and will not sleep until she knows she has positively impacted at least one person each day.

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