Robert Monroe started his working life at the young age of 13, starting his first business serving others who were unable to care for themselves. Since then, Robert has owned several businesses and has served in the capacity of a financial professional as well as a professional speaker demanding groups of upwards to 1000’s who come to hear him discuss with them strategy’s on how to accomplish the most pressing needs in their lives at that time.

Robert was born in Globe, AZ and moved to San Francisco at the age of 2 with his mother. At the age of 12, he moved with his mother and two younger brothers to Everett, WA, where he stayed during his schooling. In 2001, he met and married his amazing wife Donna who he has had the honor of traveling the world with over the past 22 years doing his 2nd favorite past-time which is scuba diving. His #1 favorite past-time besides being the very best husband he can be though is helping others become the very best version of themselves that they can be and this is what brought him to Cheryl Hunter and Magnify Your Message.

Author of “A Guide To Personal Finance And Estate Planning For People Over 55”, Robert comes to Cheryl Hunter’s group with a lifetime of achievements particularly when it comes being a father to 5, grandfather to 8, and a great grandfather to 3 all the while mentoring those he has worked with in the Financial and Regenerative therapy fields over the past 35 years to accomplish what they at many times couldn’t even fathom for themselves. He has always had a passion for serving others at the highest level and although his accomplishments are many, his true passion in life is assisting others become the very best version of themselves.

Robert has always been one to seek out how to be of service to those that he comes into contact with, so working with Cheryl Hunter is a perfect fit in being able to lift people out of a state of invisibility, to placing them in front of millions of people who are their target audience so that they to can have the impact on their ideal client and at the same time, make this a better world in which we can all live.

Robert Monroe

Strategy Coach


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