Two years ago I was the subject of a feature in Forbes Magazine. The extraordinary woman who interviewed me and profiled my work on resilience was Kathy Caprino, a former high-level exec turned career specialist and author.

Since then, Kathy has partnered with Mo Faul a former C-Suite Healthcare executive who is now a career coach and author.

Together, Kathy & Mo have a weekly podcast called BEST WORK, BEST LIFE, on which they conduct thought-provoking insightful interviews.

I’m honored to be featured in one of these interviews. Mine is called The Power of Resilience – How To Turn Setbacks Into Your Highest Purpose.

I have the feeling you’ll want to listen to all of their interviews (happiness expert Shawn Achor is one of my favorites … you may have seen his TED talk.)

Join Kathy & Mo and I as we share a riveting discussion about how to overcome difficulty and find new ways to become resilient and access our highest power and purpose through an unlikely place: through the challenges that we face.

Click here to listen.

We sincerely hope this is helpful to you in your life today. Once you’ve listened to the interview, please leave us a comment on and on iTunes.

See you there!

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