Are you unconsciously working against yourself? (Rebecca’s Story)

What would your life look like if you were taking the right actions? What would those right actions be and what can you do to start taking them? Watch Rebecca’s story to see how she was able to change her “WHAT IF?” into “WHAT IS,” and learn how you can make the same change in your life.

Are you stressing out about stress?

So, we get stressed out… now what? Well, the real ticket is being able to develop and apply actionable tools to help alleviate stress as it appears instead of allowing it to slowly overpower us.

Is Balance a Myth? (Evelyn’s Story)

These days, it’s common to be out of balance. So many of us get stuck living to work instead of working to live. Check out this video to learn how you can achieve balance in your own life… even if you think that’s impossible.

Forbes features RISE

It is a deeply divisive, politically-charged time, and my hope in making RISE is that these stories will bring people together and highlight how we have much more in common as people than what separates us. 

RISE Featured on CNN’s Headline News

Today CNN’s Headline News featured my brand-new docuseries, RISE, where I interview people who have overcome adversity and have gone on to pay it forward in some way that matters to them.

How to Motivate Yourself

At some time or another, we all lack motivation. We fill our to-do lists with things for the day, but find ourselves procrastinating. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this cycle, Watch this video and find the best ways to motivate yourself and achieve your goals.

[NEW PBS VIDEO!] How to bounce back from adversity

Everyone faces adversity at some point in their lives. And yet, some people are able to bounce back, while others never recover. How do some do it while others don’t? What makes the difference?

The Art of Forgiveness

True forgiveness, which may seem like it’s about appeasing someone else who’s done you wrong, is actually about you. To truly forgive isn’t to condone what they’ve done, no matter how big or small it is. How to do that? Watch this video.

An Unconventional Way to Listen

You never know the impact of your actions on others. You have the power to turn someone’s day, week, or even entire life around by just being you. For more on how to do that, check out today’s video. It might not seem big to you, but to someone else, it could be the world.

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