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I’m Cheryl Hunter

I am the undisputed world champ of turning lives around.

(No kidding – national news sources regularly call on me to provide commentary on that very subject.)

How did a ranch-raised Colorado cowgirl (turned Southern California surfer) get into this line of work? As a teenager, I was kidnapped and held captive and had to turn my own life around afterward. I was my first case study, but I’ve since coached over a quarter million people to be a successful, self-confident, and happy… no matter what comes their way.

You’re a smart, successful high  

From the outside, you’ve got it made. Other people look at you as someone who’s got everything going for them. Inside, though, that’s not your experience.

Whether that’s because you’re stressed out and exhausted, or maybe you’re dealing with anxiety or panic attacks… or maybe it’s that your self-esteem took a hit awhile back, and you just feel like you lost yourself. No matter what the reason, you know something has to change.

You’re not a complainer; you don’t point fingers or blame anything or anyone outside of yourself. And you certainly don’t want to talk about problems; you want to fix them. Big difference.


People in your shoes rely on conventional wisdom… or as I like to call it: “the old way.” They say affirmations and “think positively.” They read self-help books, go to therapy, set boundaries, take anti-anxiety meds. They ask friends for advice, get a life coach, listen to podcasts, take the seminars, meditate and try mindfulness and self-care.

The problem is, the old way is broken.

Books, podcasts, and seminars don’t cause lasting change. Therapy takes freaking years and is not designed to “graduate” you; it’s designed to keep you talking about your problems forever. Anti-anxiety meds can be highly addictive and lose efficacy over time, and affirmations and positive thinking only cement the original problem. And now that you can buy a life-coach certification on Groupon (I kid you not!) how can you be sure you’re not putting your life in the hands of a bargain-shopping newbie? And don’t get me started on “self-care,” because all of the bubble baths in the world are never going to solve real problems.

I can 

My coaching experience doesn’t come from book learning alone. I clawed my way out of hell and transformed my own life before going on to help hundreds of thousands of people transform theirs. In the process, I created my proprietary educational program, Break Free Formula, which liberates you from the captivity of your mind.

In Break  Formula…

My clients learn how to stop unwittingly self-sabotaging and working against themselves and settling for crumbs, so they can finally make the impact they crave, earn what they’re worth, have the relationships of their dreams, and live the lives they deserve once and for all. Check out their testimonials to see the remarkable results they’ve accomplished.

There’s a reason why PBS profiled Break Free Formula, and why Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox, Forbes Magazine, BuzzFeed and NBC News regularly call on me for my expertise on turning life around: my coaching methodology works.

Look, by now, you’re probably very skilled in convincing yourself that if you stay busy enough, work even harder, and throw back a couple of glasses of wine every night in the meantime, it’s going to change for you someday. Well, let me tell you something: the last time I checked, someday isn’t on the calendar.

There’s a reason why you landed on this page. I’m not saying that in an airy-fairy way, but everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason you’re here right now, and that reason is likely because you’re stuck and you’re tired of being stuck.

So enough. Make this is your line of demarcation. Right now, go book some time for us to hop on the phone, or watch my free Masterclass so you can finally get out of your own way and start living the life you were born to live.

 is the time. Your life is waiting.

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