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We are PR, done better.

In addition to being your done-for-you PR solution, our Magnify Your Message™ system sets us apart from traditional PR Agencies.

Establish Your Media Strategy

The first step to building a world-renowned brand is to help you nail down your Major Media Map™. There are two key elements to the Major Media Map™: finding the right audience and the right media for your audience.

First, we help you clearly understand the exact audience you want to attract. Who are your ideal fans, followers, and clients? What do they want most from you? And how can you communicate your value to them in a concise, authentic, and powerful way?

Once you know the right audience, you can find the exact major media formats, sources, and platforms that your audience consumes, whether that’s TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, NBC, CBS, Fox News, etc.

Finding the right media platform is essential to showcase your unique expertise and how you serve people. This critical step allows you to start with a media strategy that’s tailor-made just for you.

Identify The Gatekeepers

Once you know the right media platforms, we will help you identify the right gatekeepers from those major media platforms. We help you build relationships with those gatekeepers where they’ll see you as a peer and a resource so you can become their go-to expert on the topic, and they will feature you over and over.

Magnify Your Message

The next step is to nail down what we call your Magnetic Messaging™. Along with our team of messaging experts—Hollywood writers, producers, and directors—you’ll nail down your core messaging that will serve as your talking points and sound bites for every media appearance or interview that you do, so that you build your authority and stand out from your competition.

Your audience will understand why you’re different, what makes you special, and what you stand for. And most of all, they’ll understand why they should follow you, tell their friends about you, AND do business with you.

Master The Art Of Media

Once we’ve nailed down your Magnetic Messaging™, the next step is Media Mastery Training™.

Other PR firms throw you to the wolves because they put you on major media without providing critical media training.

We know that the only thing worse than not getting featured in major media is getting featured and making an absolute fool of yourself.

We are different.

We train you from the ground up to be incredible in every interview you give. Whether it’s teaching you how to absolutely shine on camera and deliver your message with power, poise, and charisma…or it’s training you how to handle “tough interviews” where the interviewer throws you questions you don’t want to answer…we’ll equip you with the skills to come out looking like a superstar.

Gain Media Attention

By this point, your messaging and presentation are picture-perfect.

This is when our team can go to work helping you secure your first major media coverage. We’ll do all the leg work for you. We’ll identify the best places for you to be featured to connect with the fans, followers, and clients you want, and then we’ll secure that major media coverage for you.

Our team will hold your hand every step of the way so you come off looking like the authority and thought-leader you were always meant to be.

Multiply Media Attention

After that, the next step is what we call our Media Multiplier™. While most people who land major media appearances have no idea what to do next, we’ll show you how to leverage your first media coverage to get booked again and again. We give you the exact steps to take to position and edify yourself and your brand using that media coverage so that major media gatekeepers continue to put you in front of their audience.

Become World-Renowned

And finally (drumroll, please!) You’re ready for prime time! Now, with everything you’ve got in place, we grant you access to our contacts; we put you in front of our extensive database of major media gatekeepers so you can get to know them as they get to know you. You’ll have the opportunity to not only connect with them, but to do what you do best: provide your subject-matter expertise in the way only you can.*
*Gatekeeper access is reserved for our Icon Alliance Mastermind and Magnify Your Message VIP DFY clients.

When everything is said and done…


World-Renowned for Your Expertise...


Get your work in front of millions through major media, so you can dominate your marketplace, and have the influence, impact, and success you deserve.

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