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Not long ago I had a message burning in my heart that I wanted to share with the world…but, unfortunately, I couldn’t. Despite my huge commitment to making a difference, I was anonymous and unknown, so the people I wanted most to help had no idea that I existed. It broke my heart to want so desperately to contribute my work to people… yet be completely unable to do so because I was invisible.

After over a decade of trial and error, I ultimately got my message and my work out in front of hundreds of millions through major media exposure. In the process, I developed a proven formula that any established expert can use to get their own work in front of millions around the world via major media. I named this formula “Magnify Your Message”.

This is the same proven formula that my team of major media gatekeepers and I have used to help hundreds of our clients become world-renowned and have the influence, impact, and success they deserve.

While this page shares a little about my journey, it’s really about you.

This is about how you can leverage the deep knowledge and expertise my team and I have in helping established experts earn media attention, so you, too, can emerge as the authority in your field and be known by millions of people as the answer to their prayers.

A Trip to Europe

Gone Wrong.

I began my journey as a small-town cowgirl with big-city dreams. As a teenager, I “escaped” my family’s horse ranch in the remote Rocky mountains of Colorado for the bright lights of Europe…with nothing more than an over-packed suitcase and a dream.

When I arrived in France, I was approached by two men who promised to make me a model.

Instead, they kidnapped me, held me captive, and ultimately left me for dead.

Tested At An

Early Age.

Despite experiencing that life-changing trauma, I was able to overcome, be resilient, and refocus. I decided to become a model anyway.

By the time I was 23, I had lived in seven countries, been featured in every major magazine franchise, and I was the worldwide Coca-Cola girl.

Even though I had significant career success at an early age, the traumatic experience in France was still in the back of my mind, because it drove me to want to help others overcome adversity. I wrote two books on the topic, but with millions of books published each year, I didn’t know how to get my message to stand out from all the rest.

After my modeling career, I became a network TV writer and producer under contract with CBS, Paramount Pictures, NBC, PBS, HBO, and more. I witnessed the power that major media had to shape the collective narrative that we had as a nation – the proverbial “water-cooler” conversations that millions of people simultaneously share – and I imagined the positive difference it would make to get my message about overcoming adversity onto major media.

Unfortunately, even though I was “connected,” because I worked in major media, all the doors seemed closed to me. It almost seemed as if major media was designed to keep people out.


The Expertise.

Before long I realized that major media actually is designed to keep you out. It’s the ultimate Catch-22: you can’t get major media unless you’ve been in major media.

I set out to crack the code… and eventually, I did. It took me over a decade of dedicated work, but I was able to get hundreds of millions of views on my work.

Once I had, I decided to set aside my passion to help people overcome adversity – after all, there’s an entire industry dedicated to that – and instead, I vowed to dedicate myself to helping other mission-driven experts be seen by millions using major media so they can change the world.

A Framework

For Success.

I gathered together a team of major media gatekeepers: TV writers, directors, bookers, journalists, and producers, and I created a proven program called Magnify Your Message.

Over the years, The Magnify Your Message Methodology has been improved, refined, and optimized to help any mission-driven expert continually share their work with millions around the world through the power of major media.

After working with our team, our clients understand exactly how major media works; they have powerful relationships with major media gatekeepers; their messaging is compelling, impactful, and on-point; they are media-trained, camera-ready, and prepared to do any interview at any time; they are positioned as an authority in their field by securing features in major media. In short: they are able to grab headlines anytime they want…and they do so in record numbers.

It's Your

Time To Shine.

When you get tired of watching no-talent rivals get all the fame, fortune, and big media love, then it’s time to grab control and become world-renowned for your expertise.

Just imagine enjoying total command of all the free publicity you could ever crave…and becoming (and remaining!) the go-to authority in your niche for life.

With my help, you’ll no longer be stuck begging jaded gatekeepers for crumbs of coverage….

Look, there’s a reason why the big PR agencies get away with charging $25,000 a month: they know that if you get on Good Morning America or NBC News, that kind of exposure is easily worth 10 to 100 times your investment to work with them.

With my help, you’ll learn to land the kind of red-hot exposure that launches best sellers, electrifies brands, and rockets unknowns to guru status overnight.

Isn’t now your time to step into the spotlight?


World-Renowned for Your Expertise...Fast.

Get your work in front of millions through major media, so you can dominate your marketplace, and have the influence, impact, and success you deserve.



World-Renowned for Your Expertise...


Get your work in front of millions through major media, so you can dominate your marketplace, and have the influence, impact, and success you deserve.

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