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Picked up by: Vogue Magazine, NBC News, Fox News, CBS News, Forbes, Psychology Today
Cheryl Hunter and her entire team are exceptional. They teach you the “tricks of the trade” to craft a compelling, galvanizing message that garners the attention of major media. Their approach is methodical, tried and tested, educational, and incredibly supportive. Along the journey you learn the essentials of strategy, messaging, mindset, publicity, and much, much more. Each and every single person on Cheryl’s carefully-assembled team is an industry expert and really wants to help and does. I have nothing but positive to say about this entire experience; I only wish I had done it sooner. It’s rare something truly exceeds my expectations; 5 full stars for the radiant light they provide.

Dr. Craig Beach

Psychiatrist, Business Owner, Author


Picked up by: Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC News

Magnify Your Message has shown me the pathway to breaking into major media markets, and now I know how to go to the next level of visibility. I am clear about the direction and focus of my next book. I now know how to position myself to appeal to a larger audience with my message of hope and resilience – and I continue to get more invitations to speak across the world in the process.

Dr. Millicent Hunter

Pastor, Author, Speaker


Picked up by: CBS, Fox News, NBC, ABC

Magnify Your Message helped me take my message to the next level. Their vast experience comes through as insightful, practical, and pushes us to go beyond what we thought was possible. All this is done with professionalism and maybe most importantly, with integrity. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to commit to work hard for their desired outcome!

Steve Groff

Soil Health Expert, Third Generation Farmer, CEO of Cedar Meadow Farm


Picked up by: NBC, Fox News, The New York Times
Went from 14 to 20 employees

Magnify Your Message helped our growth as an organization, and the progress we are making in getting national recognition. We are raising our status in our field, bringing on stronger staff and board members, and strengthening our mindset to increase reach and be more courageous. Learning and then being able to implement a strategy to have the media embrace us and the benefits to our business development are the biggest assets we’ve gained.

Jay Paris & Anna Myer

Artists for Social/Radical Justice Activist


Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News

Cheryl Hunter has cracked the code on taking your message out of the box and into global platforms through media outlets. My message of empowerment for women was previously contained within a limited audience. Cheryl and team helped me to find my tribe, tailor my message, and speak directly to my targeted audience, leveraging various media outlets. I recommend the Cheryl Hunter experience for anyone who has a message and wants to get it out to the world!

Core Cotton

Women Empowerment Expert


Picked up by: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Newsmax

Cheryl Hunter and her team are the best! From the beginning of Magnify Your Message, we have received top-notch professional coaching regarding what the media is looking for to get our message out. Cheryl and her entire staff have been accessible and very informative regarding educating us on how to get our message out. I would recommend their program to anyone who is looking to get more visibility in the media and instructed with what the media professionals are looking to find!

Todd Lane

Anti-Homelessness Advocate


Picked up by: CBS, NBC, Fox News

My biggest breakthrough was in getting picked up by the media. Before the program, I surely lacked confidence on even starting such a feat – but learned how to produce a piece that the media would love! I received a huge pop in my business after I was picked up. I’m proud that I was able to learn from just about everyone who spoke, no matter whether they were on the Magnify Your Message team or were a participant. I now know how to structure my week, how to approach folks in the media, and I save hundreds each month, since I no longer rely on other services to get me more traffic.

Alex Levinger

Graduate School Exam Coach


Picked up by: NBC, Yahoo! Finance, The Boston Herald, Fox News

Magnify Your Message was a fantastic experience, and the team’s professionalism and support was amazing. The Modules are clear and flow to the goal with balanced engagement with the calls, videos, and notes. I love the coaches’ clarity on the plan and the delivery. I am thrilled with the product of my core message, as it has given me the platform to build my brand as a leadership coach. The mindset coaching session and the messaging coaching session are excellent. Thank you, and well done Cheryl and team!

Matthew Ogieva

Leadership Coach, Author, Business Owner


Picked up by: Fox News, Yahoo! Finance, The Good Men Project, Digital Journal, NBC, The Dr. Ward Bond Show
I cannot thank her and her team enough for the coaching in Magnify Your Message. The valuable process gave me clarity on my core message and how to position myself as the expert in my field. And that was only the start. One of the most important parts of the program for me was to learn to pitch – I am an author and write novels and screenplays, but a pitch is a different animal. With Cheryl’s help, I have developed a new and valuable skill. The program was centered on me as the subject, so there was lots of work for me to do. They guided me through the process each step of the way. Thank you, Cheryl, for being a great mentor.

John Callas

Mental Health Advocate, Author


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